Yuri hope Sooyoung would play with her on rest days Win Win Ep. Yuri got slapping habit 7. Yuri was said a member that has the most pride of being SNSD member by more than 1 psychologist you can watch from viewable radio that invites psychologist 8. Yuri acts feminine when a handsome guy is near her 9. Yuri can make an imitation of Oh Duri Yuri ever pranked Sunny with a call to Chunji radio just because she missed Sunny so much Yuri takes care of her health so much

All About Girls’ Generation: Welcome to the SNSD II blog .

When you search “funny pictures” on Naver image, the first three pages are full of Jessica. Jessica hates any fruit that is related to melon. Jessica has a habit of drinking water before doing a live stage.

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If they just freakin trained her properly, she would be so good. She essentially got to be a lead vocal with her tone alone, as her technique is honestly pretty bad. I used to think very deeply as to why SNSD worked and why they became immensly popular. Take Seohyun for example. She has the good citizen, good student impression and her Idol is a Politician.

I can picture her as a good writer, lawyer, doctor etc, but not an idol. Jean Park Another option would be splitting the group up, like many other girl groups have done in the past. I think subgroups would be the best way for SNSD to go if you wanted to give them equal chances to shine to an extent. Taeyeon, Tiffany, YoonA, Hyoyeon. I wanna see the receipts. But everyone knows what she meant, just get out of your unconditional love just for a minute.

Snsd Sunny Dating, ~ Here To Serve Your Soshi Addiction.

Lahir pada tanggal 1 Januari Sungmin pernah 2 kali kehilangan dompetnya. Dompet pertama tidak ketemu, tapi dompet kedua dikembalikan oleh seseorang.

Sungmin (Super Junior) – DAYDREAM (낮 꿈) A nameless wildflower Just like some kind of destiny Blossoms in the soft heart of a young child Butterflies flying around the flower That is in the child’s arms With a bright smile as if he has the world. The strong and forceful wind is so painful.

PinkFlamingo Thank you for the well-written read! Apologies but this comment will be long, rambly, and possibly written in a bit of a work stupor. If fans are fickle and leave the fandom, then so be it. If fans and the public support it, then SNSD just adds to their legacy that they can be a top group and date a variety of people. It goes beyond the music and the image. They love SNSD for just being themselves and for being a small part of their lives.

At this point, I only wish for their happiness, and if that means leaving the idol game altogether, then so be it. They conquered both the hearts of fangirls and fanboys and rewrote the page on what girl groups could accomplish. Hyperbole is part of who we are: MasterSoshii I would rather say SM should focus more on the quality of the comeback song. Something catchy just like before. SNSD is really huge in the market knowing the amount of fans they have and it is disappointing on how SM handled that.

I used to see them as the girl group where everybody is pretty and talented. Now I only see them as one of prettiest K-pop girl groups.


Taeyeon’s talents came from her parents Her dad was a vocalist in a band, and mom had won children’s song competitions when she was young. Taeyeon’s parents are very supportive. They let their children decide for themselves.

Dec 05,  · Kikwang + Yoona? On this week’s episode of MBC’s ‘Hot Brothers’, B2ST’s Lee Ki Kwang shyly confessed to have a crush on SNSD’s YoonA.. As part of the show’s new ‘Season 2′ format, the cast members were given a mission to learn how to become teachers for a countryside school.

February 10, Zodiac Sign: Dance, Eloquence, Acting Casted: Nobody can be as badass as Soo, yo! She eats an average of times in a one day. Soo never had a boyfriend. Taeyeon busted out one of her sleeping habits: She can eat 3 scoops of ice cream in 5 minutes. She was once asked for a dare in a variety show to put on a swimming tube and do the Gee crab dance in a coffee shop. She was very shy at first but she managed to finish the task amazingly.

One of her pastimes include discovering new facial expressions when she faces the mirror without any make-up. She goes fangirl crazy over VOS. Comic-writer Kangfull made a comic for Sooyoung. Apparently, Sooyoung sent him a fan e-mail before. Kangfull was so impressed with the way Sooyoung talks very mature for her age that he replied to her fanmail.


Sunny still has a phobia of fireworks explosions and loud noises. Sunny hates drinking milk. Yuri becomes so feminine when close to a guy. Before their debut, they are composed of 12 members.

[Sunny/All]This must be what crazy feels like” The “Wow Wow” After Yoona part is Taeyeon not Tiffany And the last “Kiss shi te wakatta wa unmei no” It’s Yuri and .

Which is the real?! What do I do about this?!!! And finally I re-write about this post …. Super Junior Sungmin toys with his fans? He also unfriended fans who criticized him on his blog and deleted their comments. After his relationship got publicized, he had open dates. But he shitted hard on it and this is why the fans are pissed.

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Here is the video with the translation if you need it Shinhwa fans were enraged that SNSD could be so disrespectful of their seniors, especially to Shinhwa, a legendary idol group that has amassed immense popularity for the past 10 years in the industry. SNSD members were forced to personally apologize to Junjin. Comparing this to American standards is not fair or reasonable because Korea is not the U.

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Dance, Acting, Swimming Casted: September 22, Zodiac Sign: Hyoyeon is ambidextrous, she actively use both of her left hand and right hand. Hyoyeon collects cute, colorful stationery and stickers. She hits people and tell secrets when drunks. In , she enrolled in Winners Dance School, a famous dance school in South Korea specializing in popping, locking, animation and various other hip-hop styles. Besides Hip -hop dance, Hyoyeon also learned Jazz and Latin dance. Main Vocalist Date of Birth: April 18, Zodiac Sign: Korea Kent Foreign School K.

Jessica was born in San Francisco, California. After street-casted by SM Entertainment when she was 11 year-old, she and her family moved to South Korea. Jessica trained for more than seven years before debuting with SNSD, making her the one who trained longest among the nine members.


Sungmin pernah 2 kali kehilangan dompetnya. Dompet pertama tidak ketemu, tapi dompet kedua dikembalikan oleh seseorang. Sungmin ingin pergi jauh dan ingin tinggal di pulau tidak berpenghuni. Sungmin ingin cepat — cepat menikah dan mempunyai banyak anak. Sungmin adalah pecinta warna pink. Setiap Sungmin ingin membeli sesuatu, Dia tidak memikirkan kualitas atau desainnya.

SNSD’s Sunny and Super Junior’s Sungmin are dating. They are the cutest couple ever at SM. Even Lee Soo Man approves it. Usually, they have to keep it a secret, and every weekend they go on dates.

In , she was chosen as a member of the nine-member girl group that debuted on August 5, In addition to her group activities, Jessica released two singles with Seohyun and Tiffany: Though she was the one singing the harmony and adlibs, she is not seen in the music video. Jessica made her musical theatre debut in the South Korean production of Legally Blonde , alongside Lee Ha-nui and Kim Ji-woo; [9] the production opened on November 14, Jessica released a digital single titled “Sweet Delight” on October 13, Her first performance was on November The company also stated that Girls’ Generation would continue to promote with eight members while it would still manage her solo activities.

On August 6, , SM Entertainment released an official statement stating that the company and the former member of Girls’ Generation had officially parted ways. She took a part in Chinese sport’s variety show YES! Coach as well, where she participated in a swimming competition after being trained by professional swimmer Sun Yang. Jessica then became the main host of the beauty show Beauty Bible, alongside Kim Jae-kyung. In February, Jessica announced that her first solo album would be released under her new agency, Coridel Entertainment.

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Sebelum debut mereka juga pernah satu kamar. Jadi Yuri gak akan cembokor cemburu maksudnya — Yuri pernah gak sengaja nyikut payudara Sica dan Sica teriak. Seohyun adalah yang termuda sedangkan Yoona yang termuda kedua.

During a recent media interview, Super Junior’s Sungmin answered questions regarding his recent scandal with fellow label mate SNSD’s Sunny. Sungmin was sorry that things he had said during broadcast led to the scandal, and that he immediately called Sunny after he got home to explain it to her.

But honestly, sometimes they just ask for it -like SNSD-. But there’s one person that I cannot stand, it’s Kara’s Gyuri. Omfg I hate this girl. What do snsd family’s think of them,like sme said there aimed from uncles.? Hmm, from what I’ve read, whenever one of their members does something wrong, antis tell their parents that they don’t know how to raise kids because of their daughter’s actions. But I think most of them overlook the things their daughters do since they’re such a success.

SuJu Sungmin’s message and song to SNSD Sunny