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His successor was Kim Crowther , who had previously worked on the programme as script editor in and serial editor between and Kieran Roberts , the man who had appointed Crowther when he assumed control of Coronation Street in , remained in his role of executive producer. Prior to taking over from Frost, Crowther was the credited producer of episodes and in May. Both Coronation Street and Emmerdale lost their weekend slots in order to leave Sunday evenings on ITV1 free for entertainment and reality programming. The transmission patterns on Fridays mirrored that of the Monday double-bill, which were typically the highest-rated episodes of the week. Vera Duckworth was killed off in January when Elizabeth Dawn left the programme due to ill-health after nearly 34 years. Dawn had been appearing in a reduced capacity since being diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in , and her illness meant that Vera was usually seen sitting down. Her final appearance saw Jack return home to find his wife slumped in her chair, having died in her sleep.

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In they all moved to the newly Maisonettes. In , when Peter and Susan were six, Ken and Valerie planned to take them to Jamaica as Ken was offered a teaching post there, and would be a new life for them. When Peter and Susan were being babysat by Uncle Albert Tatlock , and while Ken was in the Rovers waiting for Valerie, she was electrocuted and killed in a fire.

Ken accepted as he thought it would be best. Peter and Susan spent their childhood years being raised by their grandparents and Ken came up to visit them time to time, or they would go down to visit them. Peter visited in as he missed Ken and wanted to stay with him.

The 50 greatest Coronation Street characters results. Remembered for: Dating Peter Kay. Dumping Charlie at the altar. Her bigamous marriage to Peter. He is especially put out by the fact that Tina is now dating his best friend Graeme Proctor. Remembered for: Evil David. Pushing Gail down the stairs. Tina.

Roy Cropper, to a certain extent Julie Carp — she even gets told this in those exact words by her sister, Eileen. Kirk Sutherland Continuity Nod: One of the highlights of the show is that it still features regular references and callbacks to older characters and storylines, often from decades ago. Hardly an episode goes by without a nod, whether it be to something two months old or twenty years old.

Possibly the biggest example is the return of Dennis Tanner, a character last seen on the show in Blanche Hunt’s view of the world. Saying that, compared to Walford , Weatherfield is the happiest place on Earth. Also of note is that a study showed that living on Coronation Street is actually safer than living in real-life Salford. Happened with rival soap EastEnders in as a special episode for Children in Need.

Coronation Street cast: Fans DIVIDED over Carla and Peter’s romance

And that’s exactly what has happened to Coronation Street stars Joe Duttine and Sally Carman, who have reportedly started dating in real life. Joe, who plays the role of Tim Metcalfe, and Sally, who plays the role of Abi Franklin, have reportedly been on a number of ‘secret dates’ and have now told their Corrie co-stars about their budding romance. After attending Coronation Street’s annual summer party in Manchester hand in hand last week, reports are suggesting that Joe and Helen’s co-stars think they are the perfect match.

His storylines initially revolved around his relationship with his daughter Faye Windass, before he married cobbles legend Sally Webster. Now see which other soap stars dated in real life: After attending Corrie’s summer party together in July, reports suggest the couple are very happy together.

Tina McIntyre left Coronation Street in Michelle Keegan’s character had an explosive affair with Peter Barlow before she was murdered by Rob Donovan.

Storylines[ edit ] Tina is first seen trying to book an appointment at the Medical Centre because she has tennis elbow. She bickers with Gail Platt Helen Worth , the receptionist. Tina starts dating Gail’s son, David Jack P. Shepherd , and shortly afterwards learns that she is pregnant. Unable to tell her own parents, she confides in Gail, who is pleased to hear that she wants an abortion. Gail pays for Tina to go to a private clinic, worried that David is too unstable to be a father.

When David finds out, he ends the relationship and is furious with Gail for interfering. Their argument results in Gail falling down the stairs after she tries to stop him leaving. Shocked, David visits Tina and they reconcile. Tina gives David an alibi but Gail’s memory returns and she knows David was responsible but refuses to press charges.

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Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Coronation Street stars went back to black – as they filmed funeral scenes for killed off character Luke Britton. A raft of Corrie favourites were spotted filming in Howe Bridge Crematorium in Atherton, on a chilly December morning. They included grieving ex-girlfriend Alya Nazir, played by Sair Khan, who had held a candlelit vigil for Luke , believing his death to be racially motivated.

But Luke’s shock demise came at the hands of evil Phelan – who was also part of the funeral gathering. Lucy Fallon’s Bethany Platt brought a touch of colour to proceedings, with a pair of pink polka dot trousers breaking up the traditional wedding wardrobe of black, black and more black.

Mar 01,  · A Coronation Street Community The gorgeous Coronation Street star, who plays Tina McIntyre, can’t put her finger on exactly why the hat-loving musician floats her boat. 22, has been dating.

A lot of problems in the series could of been resolved if characters actually explained their problems or explained what happened. Instead the situation goes downhill or results in Cringe Comedy. Fiz had to act as mother to her younger brother Chesney, after their mum Cilla abandoned them. After her straight love interest Maria turned her down. She stole money from her, let a homeless man break into her house then framed Maria for Caz’s own murder.

In shop names, not in the name of the series itself. Kevin Webster, whose actor was facing sexual offence charges and a trial in real life, is said to be visiting his father Bill in Germany, who is sick. He was found not guilty and came back in early Ken Barlow, for similar reasons to Kevin, was out of the show visiting family in Canada while his actor was investigated. He was later found not guilty.

Michelle Keegan

Ken and Val planned to emigrate to Jamaica with the twins as Ken had been offered a teaching post there. While Val was getting ready for a leaving party in the Rovers Return Inn for them, she was electrocuted and killed by a faulty hairdryer. Ken then sent the twins to Glasgow to live with Val’s parents; he saw them only sporadically as they grew up. As Ken refused to go to the wedding, Peter made an emotional appeal, saying that he and Susan had barely seen their father and that he always assumed Ken would step up if his children needed him and he was able to help.

Ken reconsiders and attends the wedding.

Coronation Street spoilers: Sinead Osbourne considers alternative cancer treatment. Sinead Osbourne is set to explore alternative treatment for her cancer as opposed to her option of chemotherapy in Coronation Street but as she gets to know supporters of homeopathy, she keeps it .

Ken and Val planned to emigrate to Jamaica with the twins as Ken had been offered a teaching post there. While Val was getting ready for a leaving party in the Rovers Return Inn for them, she was electrocuted and killed by a faulty hairdryer. Ken then sent the twins to Glasgow to live with Val’s parents; he saw them only sporadically as they grew up. As Ken refused to go to the wedding, Peter made an emotional appeal, saying that he and Susan had barely seen their father and that he always assumed Ken would step up if his children needed him and he was able to help.

Ken reconsiders and attends the wedding. Susan now played by Joanna Foster , who had been visiting at the time, attempted to flee when Mike threatened legal action and she was killed in a car crash. Peter was devastated, blaming himself and Deirdre for Susan’s death. He was attracted to her and a brief affair occurred but Peter chose to marry Shelley.

Lucy, unknown to Peter, hired his stepsister, Tracy Barlow Kate Ford , to work for her, covering her maternity leave. Tracy informed Peter that her employer was pregnant and Peter realised that he was the child’s father. He offered to marry Lucy while still engaged to Shelley, promising her that his other relationship was over. Lucy gave birth to a son, Simon Oscar and Jake Hartley. When she discovered that Peter was still seeing Shelley, she threw him out and banned him from seeing Simon.

Peter was torn between his son and Shelley, but eventually married her, thus committing bigamy.

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Oliver Farnworth arrives at Mahiki Manchester launch Image: Although poor Oliver did seem to be a little wet as he dashed in the Manchester rain over to Mahiki to join his pals. Fashion icon Becks had earlier caused a stir in Manchester when he headed to his old stomping ground at Old Trafford to watch his team thrash Crystal Palace He was joined by his best mate Dave Gardner at both the match and at Mahiki – where they also partied with fellow Class of ’92 footballer Nicky Butt.

List of Coronation Street characters () topic. The following is a list of characters that first appeared in the ITV soap opera Coronation Street in , by order of first appearance.

Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email This week saw Coronation Street unveil their brand new set extension complete with shops, restaurants and police station.

The Victoria Street extension also includes an urban garden, with a memorial bench dedicated to Corrie superfan Marytn Hett and all those who died in the Manchester Arena bomb. Corrie producer Kate Oates said the new set is full of dramatic potential, with the first scenes filmed there due to be screened later this spring. Lots of the actors are thankfully still with Corrie, but we decided to see where the departed Cobbles residents from Christmas are now. Roy and Hayley Cropper Image: Personally she is a staunch supporter of the Labour party, campaigning for Jeremy Corbyn in the election.

David Platt with his wife Kylie Platt as she dies in his arms Image: I am a big believer in fate and I think the right job will come along at the right time, although I am mindful not to jump Paula Lane Image: It will have to be a very different role to Kylie and something that stretches me. After Corrie Michelle Keegan has stayed firmly in the public eye, partly due to her being married to Towie star Mark Wright.

Katy Armstrong Katy, played by Georgia May Foote, joined the street in and embarked on a relationship with Chesney Brown, resulting in their son Joseph. Katy left the street in , to move abroad with her mum – but in was killed off in a car accident off screen. After splitting with Giovanni Georgia got together with model George Alsford, but this relationship has also recently come to an end.

Jason Grimshaw Street heartthrob Jason Grimshaw eventually left the street in , after 16 years on screen.

Coronation Street: Tina and Kirsty

Due to an air raid, his mum Ida Barlow gave birth to him unaided under the kitchen table. His father Frank Barlow was either at work or in service. In July , aged almost 3, Ken became an older brother to David Barlow. Ken was educated at Bessie Street School.

Rob Donovan is continuing his quest to keep the fact he murdered Tina McIntyre a secret and new pictures from the ‘Coronation Street’ set show Marc Bayliss’s character ditching the murder.

While she is still rather outspoken, she has changed quite a bit since then. Probably of Cilla Battersby-Brown, who left the show a few years previous to her arrival. Hilarity ensued when these two met each other in late and did not seem to get on. Almost as bad as Norris Cole. A couple of years after she married Kirk Sutherland, it emerged that she was still married to her first husband and Craig’s father.

Narrowly avoided jail time. Portrayed by Andrew Whyment. He is a very kind soul whatever else you can say about him. Friend to All Living Things: Has said more than once he understands dogs better than people.

Coronation Street’s Joe Duttine is ‘dating’ one of his co

Standing behind the bar of The Rovers return on a very quiet Wednesday afternoon gave her plenty of time to think. How long was it since she had a good shag? Tina remembered, it was when she was dating Dr. Carter from the medical centre at the end of the street, he was really good in bed, making her come over and over again. Tina smiled to herself as she thought about sucking him and the way he loved to squirt his load all over her face.

Tina O’Brien’s Height 5ft ½ in ( cm) British Actress best known for playing Sarah on ITV soap Coronation Street and Bex Fisher in the BBC school drama Waterloo Road.

She appeared as a regular from July to April , after five months away she returned in September for a few episodes in time for the 50th anniversary on a recurring basis. She reappears in late , and is present at the memorial service for the tram crash victims and again in April and May When Molly arrives, they recognise each other instantly.

Pam tells Jack Duckworth Bill Tarmey , Molly, and Tyrone that she will leave if she has outstayed her welcome, but they insist she stay. Pam leads them to believe that her husband has died but tells Molly that he had, in fact, thrown her out for having an affair. Pam convinces Tyrone that Molly wants a lavish wedding and begins teaching him how to make more money and argues with Tyrone’s mother, Jackie , Margi Clarke after she upsets Molly and Tyrone.

She encourages Tyrone to help her sell cheap merchandise in October Two months later, Molly finds out that Tyrone has been selling for Pam and walks out, making Tyrone furious with Pam. However, it is clear that Pam wants to see her niece happily married. On New Year’s Eve, she tries to move the fuel from Jack’s outside toilet where she was storing it but sparks from the angle grinder that Pam is using, cause an explosion and she is knocked unconscious.

Pam continues peddling cheap goods to buy a new pigeon coop for Jack and asks Tyrone to drop off some sunglasses at the Flying Horse pub. Even though the exchange is only hours before his wedding, Tyrone reluctantly agrees but the buyer reveals that he is an undercover police officer and insists Tyrone give him the goods free of charge if he wants to leave. Tyrone is furious with Pam, who realises that the man is her ex-boyfriend, Whispering Geoff.

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Click to playTap to play The video will start in 8Cancel Play now Get daily updates directly to your inbox Subscribe Thank you for subscribingWe have more newsletters Show me See our privacy notice Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email It’s going to be a sad week on the Cobbles as more saddening storylines are revealed, with Peter being shot, ‘Tina McIntyre’ re-appearing and Angie struggling with her emotions.

Proclaiming his love for her, Henry begs Gemma to go ahead with his plan so they can enjoy their life together, free of threats from his past. Read More Shayne Ward unveils dramatic new look after leaving Coronation Street And that’s not the last of the drama for Peter after son Simon is grabbed by masked teens in the street and force him into a waiting car.

But thing’s take a turn for the worst on Friday when Peter who is guarding Simon at the factory, has to go out and Carla promises not to let Simon out of her sight.

‘Coronation Street’ bosses have revealed that Tracy Barlow is not responsible for the murder of Tina McIntyre, Michelle Keegan’s character on the show. Tracy was one of four suspects named.

Tina, 33, revealed that the couple, who got engaged last May at The Didsbury House Hotel, have done the initial planning of the wedding, but have “stalled a little” due to Tina wanting her wedding to be perfect. Well, we all want our weddings to be the best days of our lives, don’t we! Tina and Adam are totally loved up Credit: Originally I was thinking of having a big wedding, now I’m thinking about something more intimate.

Poor Adam is just having to bear with me. The couple have been together for six years Credit: It turns out that Adam and Ryan are very good friends, after personal trainer Adam helped Ryan overhaul his fitness regime. Of the unique relationship, Tina said: Seriously, though, it’s mainly down to Adam and Ryan. For the sake of Scarlett, it has been well worth preserving our relationship and choosing our battles.

It was only a year and a half after her heartbreaking split from Ryan, but apparently, Scarlett went up to Adam whilst the two were in Starbucks in Manchester, and said, “Hello man! Adam is good friends with Tina’s ex, Ryan Thomas Credit:

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