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Remington serial numbers

The line has grown from the original. Different barrel lengths have been offered and a few different models fabricated from stainless steel have also been in the mix. Without question, the most unappreciated of the Blackhawk offerings has been the. I like to trek down the least traveled path. New territory is always preferable to the view that never changes.

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Americans were reliving their western past through television and film. Post-war prosperity meant eager and abundant buyers for replica firearms. But even with strong demand, price competition drove them from the market by Mail order houses like Navy Arms, Dixie Gun Works, and EMF were sourcing their replica inventory from central Europe, where the economy still lagged and manufacturing was cheap.

Sturdy and inexpensive, the Sauer clone single handedly destroyed the price environment for the American made Great Western. Sold by several US importers, Sauer and its replica would briefly have the clone market to itself.

Number 1 (Rifle) P85 P89 P90 P91 Police Service-6 Redhawk Ruger Security Six Service-6 Single Six SP (revolver) SP (revolver) Speed Six Sturm, Ruger & Co. Super Bearcat Super Blackhawk Super Redhawk SR. A1 (budget civilian) Ace Agent Aircrewman All-American Anaconda.

How to Read Ruger Production Dates By Joshua Benjamin ; Updated April 12, Every Ruger firearm ever produced features a unique serial number stamped into the gunmetal that includes information about the date the firearm was manufactured. Unfortunately, Ruger does not ship a comprehensive manual on how to read those production dates with their products.

This can lead to confusion if you come into possession of a Ruger firearm and wish to know the date of its production. Fortunately, Ruger makes an online tool available to Ruger owners to help read Ruger serial numbers and determine the weapon’s date of manufacture. Access the Ruger website. The company’s website link is provided below in the “Resources” section of this article.

Position your cursor over the “Customer Service” menu button at the top of the web page, then click on the “Instruction Manuals and Product History” option in the drop-down menu.

Single Six serial numbers

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serial number can be found under the grip and on the top strap on top break PR’s, as well as on the grip on models 21S or Sierra Six, HS on the grips or stamped on the butt frame or cylinder, RUGER (SR) Make sure to take the serial number off the gun and not the box. Frequently, a zero appears at.

North Texas I have a number of Rugers and have always considered them a great value, but the last few years they seem to be having some troubles. It seems that many of their newer releases are being recalled. The latest is a recall on the Ruger Precision Rifle. I sent my new Ruger MKIV in for the recall and when it came back the hammer was not cocked and had to be manipulated before it could be installed onto the frame.

That wasn’t too bad, but when I removed the free magazine that was sent with it, a small pin fell out through the mag well. Nothing in the Illustrated Parts Breakdown looks just like the pin that fell out so I’m not too concerned. So, I emailed them and included a pic of the pin, but have never received a reply. Since it appeared to function correctly manually I ran about 20 rounds through it without issue.

Ruger Pistol FAQ

Welcome Bob, A more precise date can be determined from the complete serial number. Although it appears that the guns were generally assembled in numerical sequence, the shipments were not and some guns remained in inventory for weeks, months, or even years between assembly and shipment. The only valid way to determine the shipping date is by researching the individual serial number in the factory records. I have a first Olympic that shipped in , 26 years after it was made.

Do not purchase aftermarket magazines unless you are determined to be disappointed with their peformance. Het originals from eBay or one oth the other on-line gun places.

The Taurus Model Number Lookup System will help you find detailed information about your Taurus Gun. Enter the serial number (no spaces) of your firearm and click on “Search” to identify your model. (You must click the “search” button to get your results. The .

Classic Single Action offers new firearms, custom grips and gunsmith work for single action revolvers of all makes and models. If you want perfection, appreciate fine craftsmanship and expect the highest quality, you will find it here. Joe is well known for his one-of-a-kind silverwork designs. As a classically trained silversmith, all of the silverwork is created by him, in his studio. Each piece is made at the time the grips are made, not before. If you are looking for quality gunsmith work, you will be well taken care of here.

Ruger New Model Single Six Serial Number History

I have been looking around for a nice one for quite some time, and I now own a beautiful example of craftsmanship. It was made in I believe from looking at the serial numbers on the Ruger website. As an interesting side note, I called the factory yesterday and for free they will run the serial number and send me a certificate as to the date of manufacture and the original place of sale. I am always interested in that sort of thing.

Aug 11,  · Main Page SIG Pistols Sig Sauer Classic P-Series – Serial Number List and associated manufacture/import years/information.

Whether new, used, current or discontinued, if we have a Sturm- Ruger gun it will be here. Also, any of the Ruger Company Collectables we find we will post them here. If you collect, stop by often. Ruger Old Army Stainless Steel. It has the flat top, scroll engraving and adjustable rear sight. It is single action, loaded as cap and ball so does not need to be registered unless you have it with the ammunition or components.

Check your own State rules. I don’t know whether the stag grips were issued with the gun but they are in excellent condition and seem to be period with this piece. There is no box and I believe this was issued with a walnut case by Sturm Ruger Company.


One of those practices led to many lost or hidden parts. That is the practice of semi-independent contractors essentially running company plant as an in house subcontractor. The practice worked like this:

Nov 28,  · Welcome to the forum Harry. Rules are simple, be nice and join in. I know that if you go to the Remington web site you can look plug in your model Serial number .

The serial number says it was made in The man I purchased it from seems to think he has another cylinder for it in 22 LR. It currently only has the 22 Mag. Because of this, he let me have it for dollars. Is this an ok deal? The gun is in really nice condition. Also, I have seen some info that says these older model revolvers need to be sent to Ruger for some safety concern.

Any info on this? You got a good deal on a good gun! It would be possible for you to find another cylinder for it one that measures the same length as your Mag. Cylinder , in the Classifieds Section of any number of gun forums. OR you could send it to Ruger and have the cylinder made for it and fitted and numbered to your gun. With the cost of shipping and Ruger’s fees, you might be better off to find a used one off one of the forums.

If it has not had the transfer bar safety conversion, and you send it to Ruger for the cylinder, they will then do the transfer bar safety conversion too.

Ruger Single Six 22LR single action revolver basic field strip and clean