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Would you buy another BOSS: It is by far the best plow I have owned. I have owned many other plows fisher western Meyers and Pathfinder but the Boss is the 1 plow in my opinion. I have been in the commercial snow business for 30 years, and I will run nothing but Boss plows from now on. Mostly wear parts like a few hoses, one light,power cord. Built right, long lasting components make this the best choice.


The Motor City, Michigan Posts: There’s no speeding it up in the field; it would require a major design change, which could only come from the Glass House. A brush-type DC motor draws a huge inrush current, which reaches its peak in 1 ms or less. It’s not possible to speed up a voltage regulator enough. Reducing the size of the plow feed wire isn’t feasible unless it’s oversized to begin with, and either won’t have enough resistance to effectively damp the current spike, or will have too much resistance for the pump motor to run efficiently.

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I had 3 pre DD blizzards and nothing but problems and failures. I love the shoebox, very intuitive. The western has a round support bar running length of plow. And the fisher has an even beefier square tube the length of the plow. You are correct and I was wrong, they are different on top. Round tube is stronger than square tube I was referring to the bottom where the cutting edge attaches.

The WipeOot and “Blizzard” are the same, they have an angle there “supporting” it. Pre-DD Blizzards were boxed and never folded under until rust took over. This happens when obstructions are hit. But it can and will happen, the wing is bent, not the moldboard. And yes, pre-DD wings bent as well, every time an obstruction was hit.

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Poncho62 and Repo made a statement about the oil When it is nice and warm out , the plow function normally? If it really cold out, does the plow function at all, or function slow? If both questions are answer yes, then there can be only one solution, CLEAN the system out completely make sure the “lift” ram is down. Drain the fluid, remove the two pressure lines.

Swing the plow all the way to the right.

Western snow plow I have complete wiring harness, controller, and mount for a chevy truck are ready to hook up and start plowing $ and also have just plows 1 8 ft and 2, plow, hook up to your truck and go plowing.

Structural Reinforcement Six vertical ribs provide unmatched structural reinforcement, delivering exceptional torsional strength and rigidity to eliminate blade twisting. The high-strength steel base channel provides extra support along the bottom of the plow blade. The 1″ diameter pivot bushing secures the plow in place, ensuring proper alignment and reducing stress on the overall plow assembly.

Previous Next Reliable Hydraulics We manufacture our own hydraulic components to ensure the highest standards of quality and reliability, so that you get a hydraulics system that’s not only fast and responsive, but that’s built to last season after season. Fully enclosed components are protected from the elements.

Hydraulic Scrape Lock holds the blade down for more efficient scraping and clean back dragging. Trip Protection The two-spring trip blade protects your snow plow and truck when striking hidden obstacles.


A plow will need regular maintenance. Chuck Smith has put together a great list of fall maintenance and emergency supplies for your plow. Please check out his tips here and also visit his main page at Chuck’s Chevy Page. Chuck’s plow page is full of real world information and pictures. A lot of this advice may be scary for a person just wanting to plow their driveway.

The WESTERN® PRO PLUS® and new PRODIGY™ snow plows are available with a universal skid-steer loader mounting plate for fast and easy hook-up. The skid-steer’s standard auxiliary hydraulic system provides the power to operate the blade.

The AR steel cutting edges can scrape compacted snow and ice down to the pavement, eliminating followup plowing. The universal mounting system enables the mounting hookup to be changed in minutes. The plow is built with a Full Moldboard Trip Design to help prevent plow damage when an obstacle is encountered. The moldboard sections move independently and have a Hardox steel cutting edge. The pushers are compatible with CASE equipment as well as other brands.

It can oscillate five degrees. The moldboard can angle right or left up to 30 degrees. Optional features include rubber or polyurethane cutting edges and end-wing kits. The floating A-frame helps with even cutting edge wear and optimal scraping.

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The DEFENDER™ personal plow can help you plow like a pro from your own vehicle. Just hook it up to your mid-size pickup or SUV & plow your property. Learn more.

Also, make sure you get an external transmission cooler, and a GOOD electric fan with a switch in the cab. You may also want to look into an oil cooler as well. The Jeep grill is pretty high up, but you will still probably have problems with cooling, especially when driving TO the place to plow when your plow is raised up in front of the grill. Also, take a really good look at your frame and body mounts.

Definitely take the time to strengthen and brace those areas, just in case. With that said, I wouldn’t do it. The transmission is going to give you problems down the road or maybe as soon as you turn on it , and you will more than likely have axle problems as well.

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When you do a flush on a system you do the following A make sure the plow blade is sitting on a 2×4 so you can swing it manually by hand and the lift ram is all the way down. B drain the fluid through the drain hole C unhook the pressure lines from the angle rams make sure they are both inside a jug, push in just enough to catch the fluid coming out , and slowly turn it all the way the the to the right. Do this a couple of times.

Antique Allis Chalmers Tractor: AC B [Allis Chalmers B Parts] [Return to the Shed] This picture is a model. The Model B was very popular due to its versatility and could be adapted to a wide variety of row spacings and crops.

Boss V Plow About Boss Snow Plow It is a cold winter’s morning and you are already a half hour late for work because your car is trapped in the garage, thanks to the 16 inches of snow that fell last night, making leaving your driveway nearly impossible without a team of sled dogs. As you keep an eagle eye out for your plowman to come, you start to think that maybe life would be better if you owned your own BOSS snow plow.

That way, you would never be stuck waiting for someone else to clear your path. BOSS snow plows are American-made in Michigan and are known as being innovative snow and ice removers. For more than 30 years, BOSS has been manufacturing snow plows built to withstand the worst winter has to offer. There is a BOSS snow plow available to fit any snow removal needed.

There are V-plows that let you choose a variety of blade positions to optimize snow removal as well as straight-blade plows that are used to widen a path. You can even search for box plows that are designed to move the most snow in the least amount of time. They even make plows to fit your ATV or skid-steer. You can find a large selection of BOSS snow plows on eBay to help you take charge of your own plowing on your own time.

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