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Fanfic I am just a girl who loves one direction a lot. I’m a Harry girl but ship Narry hard. I do preferences and I would really appreciate it if you guys read them and give me feed back please check it out in the link and you can request preferences to. The party was big and loud. The party was in full swing as Harry was downstairs partying and you were upstairs still fixing your hair. You walked downstairs in your short, fitting dress and quickly found Harry with Zayn and Perrie. You hugged them and sat with Perrie chatting as Harry and Zayn were no where in sight anymore. Perrie was telling you all about her daughter Jasmine who was somewhere in the house. She excused herself to the washroom leaving you with the teens partying hard. You passed through the crowd and went to the table with snacks taking a pretzel and eating it.

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Michael had been very unhappy with you and Ashton for the majority of the pregnancy. Having the baby was still the worst part. Your labour was long, drawn out and exhausting but Ashton stayed by your side the whole time whilst Michael and your parents were with Luke and Calum in the waiting room, taking turns sleeping and bringing in coffee for Ashton and offering you supporting words.

You were crying, Ashton was crying, baby Jack was crying but you were all so happy. You managed about half an hour before you felt absolutely exhausted. The doctors put you in an isolated ward and you had a nap whilst Ashton sat quietly with baby Jack in the corner.

5sos fanfiction Anonymous asked: Do you remember a Luke fic where he’s a writer and his love interest is the relative I think of his publisher or something close. He .

I used to write stuff. Don’t forget to do what you love and never work a day in your life. He jogs towards you and open his arms, ready for a big hug. You smile and move towards him too, leaving Michael behind. When you two meet, you give each other a tight, big hug and you feel Luke bury his face in your neck. His hot breath is tickling you. Ashton, Calum and Luke begins to laugh, thinking Michael is joking as usual, but you know that he is serious.

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You were a successful enough model and Ashton would always get stick about it from the other boys saying he was only dating you for tips on how to do his hair properly. He came to every photo shoot that he could and claimed it was for moral support but Michael had told you that he was terrified of losing you to someone better. You and Calum had tried to keep your relationship from the public for as long as possible.

You were an internationally famous popstar, he was in a successful band and you knew the press would have a field day. During one interview Calum got sick of having to hide and told everyone that he was dating you.

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He just got home from America and obviously he wanted to feel his soft lips on yours. The door opened revealing Calum with lust in is his eyes. You basically ran and jumped in his arms kissing him immediately. He place his hands under your butt so you can wrap your legs around his waist. You wrapped his arms around his neck pulling him closer to you.

He laid you on the bed and put his hands on your waist. You felt his tongue gently slide against your bottom lip begging for a entrance, you gladly let him in. When you pulled away after a while you smiled up at him. He laughed and nodded, “Yeah. You rolled your eyes and laughed as Luke kicked him out.

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The reason you were unsure was because of what they asked you to do, which you did not expect, especially from Luke. But after a while of talking they finally convinced you into helping them. Ashton groaned as he rolled over, trying to keep the sun that was coming through the blinds from hitting his eyes, and felt his arm drape over something, or someone. A high pitch scream escaped him and he jumped back, resulting in him falling off the bed.

5sos imagines michael clifford imagines 5sos preferences 5sos michael 5sos preferences 5sos imagine luke hemmings 5 seconds of summer joe sugg calum hood ashton irwin mikey pearce josh pieters caspar lee jack maynard connor maynard oli white. 39 notes Apr 26th, “Are you two dating?” Joe asks.

December 6, How are you holding up since the breakup? Is it true that Luke broke up with you because he was dating somebody else? Luke was standing outside with a confused look at on his, rolling down your window you managed a quiet, hi. But it just overwhelmed me with how they found me and surrounded me. I was by myself, dogging questions. It just startled me. He squatted down, leveling his face with yours.

You were sitting in the living room when Calum walked through the door. You were wrapped up in a blanket, you felt worn down. Calum took one look at you and frowned. Maybe we need sometime? Calum pulled you into the crook of his arm.

‘This is our baby’

December 6, 4: You were going through a rack full of tops when Luke walked up and put his arm around your waist pulling you slightly into him. Walking out of the building, his arm never moved around your waist and suddenly you knew why. There were tons more of fans outside than usual and paparazzi showed up. He was just being protective.

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Luke x Reader Requested: This contains bad language and abusing so dont read this if youre not into this kinda stuff. I woke up from the sound of my phone ringing from across the room. I hastly stood up to make the noise stop, I surely didnt want to wake up my sleeping boyfriend. I had bruises for days and I could barely move my hand.

But I didnt blame him, he was just tired from work and probably just stressed out.


I decided to stay the night here so Mali could help me get ready for my date tomorrow, and her brother is my best friend. His brown, puppy like eyes stared into my own, and I just smiled. My hands were playing with his hair, as I always do. And I want it to be with someone I know really well, and knows me really well.

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I had my friend, Aria over today and we were watching movies. To us, being 10, it was really scary!! Afterward when she went home, I went to bed. I then woke up a few hours later screaming from a nightmare. He opened his eyes and looked at me annoyed. I sat there looking at him in shock before running back to my room, calling my friend.

I was in my room happily playing barbies, when the front door slammed shut. I curiously walked down the stairs to see a furious Louis sitting on the sofa. God, your so stupid!! He, being taller and stronger, pushed me down.

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The laptop was set on the side of the bed, the two of you enjoying a binge session of The Great British Bake Off since he was home and you were suffering from the lovely time of the month that is your period. You had felt miserable all day, and Calum was doing his best to make you feel better with everything from back rubs to spoon feeding you ice cream in the bathtub. Unfortunately, the cramps were wearing you down this month and you finally caved and downed ibuprofen with a glass of water.

List of Preferences. Someone sent these asks too, which are kind of like informal preferences I guess: x, x #1; He meets you for the first time at a signing.

Но вам было нужно что-то. – Тогда интеллект Узла – если ты хочешь так звать ту силу, которая заботится о нас, – ощутил наши сложности. Он также понял, что Орел не удовлетворяет нашим личным потребностям. Поэтому для каждого из нас создали искусственного друга, подобного Орлу. – Гениальная идея, – проговорила Симона, – сразу сняла все эмоциональное напряжение, которое угрожало нашему идеального браку.

Когда Святой Микель.

– Я все объясню сам, моя дорогая, – перебил ее Майкл. – Однажды вечером, примерно через два года после того, как все вы отправились к Земле, Симона в спальне возилась с Катей, и в нашу дверь постучали. Я решил, что пришел Орел. но, когда открыл дверь, передо мной оказался человек с темными вьющимися волосами и синими глазами, просто идеальная копия Святого Микеля Сиенского.

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Верховный Оптимизатор выразил свою благодарность Ричарду, Николь, Элли и Эпонине, заключил каждое личное обращение цветовым “спасибо” и выразил надежду на то, что краткая встреча окажется “первой среди многих” и обеспечит более глубокое понимание между обоими видами разумных существ. Потом главный октопаук сообщил людям, что Арчи отправится вместе с ними, не только для того, чтобы продолжить и углубить взаимодействие обоих видов, но также чтобы продемонстрировать всем оставшимся людям, что теперь между двумя народами достигнуто полное взаимопонимание.

Во время короткой паузы Арчи вышел из рядов октопауков, и Элли символически пригласила его в шеренгу отбывающих.

Тут двое октопауков, остававшихся справа, развернули свой подарок – великолепное изображение зрелища, представшего перед Ричардом и Николь у входа в Изумрудный город.

#10 – You’re Famous. Ashton: You were a successful enough model and Ashton would always get stick about it from the other boys saying he was only dating you for tips on how to do his hair properly. He came to every photo shoot that he could and claimed it was for moral support but Michael had told you that he was terrified of losing you to someone better.

“Но он никогда не жаловался”. И Николь заставила себя вернуться к разговору. “У нас, стариков, мысли вечно улетают неизвестно куда, – сказала она. – Все, что мы видим и слышим, навевает столько воспоминаний”. – Я уже успела кое-что проверить, – проговорила Николь. – Увы, вся администрация Авалона умерла в войну. Я описала внешность твоей матери нескольким людям, хорошо знакомым с Авалоном, но никто из них не помнит – Вы считаете, что она была умственно отсталой.

– спросила Мария.

– Этого нельзя исключить, – ответила Николь, – однако скорее всего мы этого никогда не узнаем. Твое ожерелье как ничто другое дает возможность установить личность твоей матери. Она явно входила в орден католической церкви, основанный Святым Микелем Сиенским.

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